This year certainly has not been one anyone could have predicted but it has led to some of the greatest change within the world of marketing and media we have seen in decades. Political messaging has been at an all-time high and not just because of the recent presidential election.  The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted every single human being within our country in one way or another and has truly become a political conversation.  Our country is divided on all topics, economics, pandemic response protocol and even who our next leaders should be.

The moment we are in is the moment which Marketsmith was made for.  As our founder, Monica C. Smith has said, “We fix broken things in the most difficult conditions with the greatest amount of heart. We’re fully invested.  We are unmatched.  There is only one of us.” As a company we believe in the rise of the consumer – we see it happening and we know what it feels like.  We are both consumers and marketers.

The 2020 holiday shopping season will heavily lean on the ability Buy Online, Pick up In Store (BOPIS) with an estimate 80% of Baby Boomers and Gen X widely adopting online shopping and e-commerce as a preferred method. As we continue this path, what most are calling the  “new normal”, it has created an open mindedness across generations to try new products and services, allowing brands the chance to attract new customers this holiday season and grow their business.

Holiday 2020 will provide a positive outlet during these uncertain times with gift giving. While luxury may see a decrease in sales due to the economic downturn, customers should expect mega sales from brands across the board. With a shift towards early buying, highlighted by the recent Amazon Prime Day, a majority of spend will come earlier than previous years. Prime Day alone generated $10.4 billion in sales which is a 45% increase from last year with retailers running concurrent sales for a halo effect across brands.

We will keep you informed as we continue to learn over the next few weeks what you can expect when it comes to holiday trends.  Take a look at our holiday season predictions and the media trends we are seeing today.  What you can expect is a very fragmented environment requiring constant adaptation and adjustment based on the political climate, social causes of the moment and of course overall end of year economic impact.

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