Keep It Simple: Google Algorithm Update

Just a few days ago, the search community suspected Google of releasing a new Core Algorithm update. Brands and search specialists are reporting Google search rankings will likely shift based on this most recent update. Google claims that they make these changes to ensure that they’re delivering the most targeted and relevant search results for users.

The core update doesn’t target specific websites, but rather analyzes the system as a whole and reevaluates Google’s search rankings from the last time a core update was released. Like most things, the most important factors for SEO optimization and what website features consumers value most is always shifting. Therefore, Google periodically releases core updates that account for those constantly changing factors and features. This is done so that Google users see search rankings that better align with the type of websites they prefer, and with the best and most up to date SEO optimization.

What should your brand do when Google updates its Algorithm?

The impacts of Google’s algorithm update are not immediate. It will take a few weeks before search rankings truly shift, and advertisers and consumers alike take note of these differences. While the extent of the impacts of this core update are still unknown, it’s important that brands pay special attention to their metrics and website traffic so they can optimize SEO based on the changes from the algorithm shifts.

As a marketer, there are a few things you can do to recognize the shifts in search rankings.

  1. Make sure to continue monitoring your site’s organic search traffic and keyword rankings, as this data can provide insight into how your site is responding to the algorithm update.
  2. If your site traffic is down and keyword rankings aren’t performing as expected, then you know where to make optimizations amidst the algorithm shift.
  3. As you continue to monitor website analytics, now is also a good time to look over your website content.

The market for all products and services is constantly changing, and target consumer bases are becoming even more niche for brands. Therefore, amidst Google’s core update, now is a good time for your brand to make some of its own updates. This can mean a simple visual website refresh, defining new keywords, writing new content on your blog, or whatever deliverables will most resonate with your client base. As Google shifts and evolves, it’s important that your brand shift and evolve alongside it. A few simple updates and refreshes can help to boost your website in Google’s new search rankings.

We are here for you.

At Marketsmith, we are focused on providing data-driven, personalized solutions for each of our clients. As Google’s core update continues to shift search rankings, we are here to help you monitor all your website traffic and analytics to make your site is SEO optimized. With our proprietary MarketsmithIQ platform, we’re able to provide unparalleled insights into your website traffic to make the shifts necessary to boost search rankings.