Marketsmith has found great success in using our time and talent to help those in the community around us. Most recently, members of our team had the opportunity to participate in Girls Empowerment Day at the Camden Street School in an effort to give back to the local community. The first annual Girls Empowerment Day aimed to educate young girls between fifth and eighth grade about identity, self-awareness, and self-esteem building through several fun and interactive activities.

The event leveraged successful women of color in the surrounding community who have achieved success and exceeded expectations in their respective career paths, including Marketsmith Inc. employee Grismaldi Diaz, who shared her story of opportunity and success upon moving to the United States from the Dominican Republic. The main purpose of the event was to inspire young girls in that while they may be different from some of their peers, they should feel empowered and capable of achieving all their goals.

It meant a lot to our team to participate in this year’s conference, as it amplified the important message that young girls deserve support, mentorship, and guidance to feel empowered. In addition to supporting and giving back to the community through philanthropic opportunities, we try to empower and support young women on their journey to success through our agency’s day-to-day function.

Community Groups

Each of the community groups we’ve developed works to support a specific group of employees at Marketsmith to ensure they have the foundation and resources they need to be successful. Our community groups include the Diversity Equity Inclusion Intersectionality Committee (DEII), the Employee Action Committee (EAC), the New Employee Welcome Group, the Multicultural Review Board, and the Energy Council. The DEII specifically fosters an open dialogue within our company so we can create new ways to elevate leaders, develop new internship opportunities, and diversify the team. In addition, the DEII sponsors many educational events, so our team is knowledgeable about diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workplace.

Intern & Gigtern Program

Each year we bring aspiring professionals to our team so they’re able to gain valuable work experience and learn what it’s like to work at a successful agency. Through the support of the DEII, we developed the Gigtern program to create work experience opportunities for minority and first-generation college students. Each Gigtern is given two or three core tasks that they complete to help support a specific employee or department and gain practical work experience. We also facilitate a traditional intern program, where college students have the opportunity to learn and gain professional experience in one of their departments of interest. Learn more about some of the powerful women who started their careers with our internship program.

It was great to be able to participate in the Camden Street School’s first annual Girls Empowerment Day, and we are looking forward to continuing to support their efforts in providing resources to young women in the local community. As an agency, we remain committed to leveraging our resources to support all of our employees internally, as well as continuing to support the external community through which we have built so much of our success.