New Jersey launched its healthcare open enrollment period with GetCoveredNJ under the Affordable Care Act on November 1, 2020.  This marked New Jersey’s departure from participating in the Federal exchange and the ability to customize healthcare for it residents in a way that would meet their specific needs.  The excitement was felt by all as the state was blanketed with a message of strength, positivity and support. Marketsmith Inc is humbled to be chosen as the strategic agency to manage this initiative in partnership with the NJ Department of Banking and Insurance. On February 8th, NJ Governor Murphy’s administration announced that more than 75,000 New Jerseyans signed up for health insurance this year under the state-based marketplace than the year prior.

Omnichannel Media and Creative Strategy

Beginning in mid-2020 we started to work directly with the state to identify the best way to communicate the benefits of the GetCoveredNJ and more specifically the ease of enrollment.  We began with a creative exploratory that resulted in a campaign which highlights the beauty of the state and the diversity of its residents.  Each media placement was hand selected to maximize visibility within hard-to-reach communities and hyper-target unique audiences.  Working with our strong media partners throughout the state we were able to create mass awareness driving unprecedented program engagement and participation.


Facts About GetCoveredNJ

  1. GetCoveredNJ is the only place NJ residents can apply for financial help to lower the cost of your monthly insurance premiums and out-of-pocket costs.
  2. Residents who received income-based financial assistance for their plans are paying, on average, $121 per month for their healthcare plans.
  3. Plan monthly rates have decreased 35% year over year for income-based financial assistance residents.
  4. Pre-existing conditions will not keep you from getting coverage.
  5. The NJ open enrollment period was 6-weeks longer than the federal period, and it was recently extended until May 15th.

“We are keeping open the enrollment window to give those who still need health insurance the opportunity to get covered now, rather than having to wait until next year to enroll in a plan,” New Jersey Banking and Insurance Commissioner Marlene Caride said.

Looking for New Jersey’s Office Health Insurance Marketplace?  Visit GetCoveredNJ today.