From Little Leaguers to All-Americans, all amateur athletes and families and friends of amateur athletes should be using GameChanger’s Team Manager app. As a former collegiate athlete, I recognize the value that GameChanger brings to athletes and their families. I know my mom is looking back on all of those four-hour car rides to Virginia, thinking, “You mean to tell me I could have streamed your games and tracked your stats from my living room? Why couldn’t GameChanger have existed 10 years ago?”

If you aren’t familiar, GameChanger was originally an app specifically for little league and high school baseball/softball athletes, building a loyal fanbase of users on its original Baseball and Softball app. Over the past few years, GameChanger launched Team Manager, an app that combines stat tracking, scorekeeping, livestreaming, and team communication all in one place, with capabilities not just for baseball and softball, but for basketball, soccer, and most other team sports as well. My mom and I are both extremely jealous of the athletes today.

GameChanger Outpaces Growth Goals

It’s always a risk to change what’s working. And GameChanger’s focus on baseball and softball focus was working – so a pivot into basketball and other sports with new livestreaming capabilities and team communication was a big change; this required a strategic marketing plan backed by data and a creative execution built to resonate with the youth sports teams of America. In order to scale the growth and adoption of the Team Manager app, GameChanger and Marketsmith needed to:

  • Generate awareness and interest among new potential coaches and users.
  • Migrate current users on the Legacy Baseball and Softball app to the new Team Manager app.

Growth Driven by Aligning Media and Creative

While engagement metrics are important, the success of this activation is rooted in real business growth. Like many tech companies, the only data points that matter revolve around downloads (adoption) and user activity (daily active users, game scores, etc.). As a follow-up to our partnership announcement in February, we wanted to continue the story by highlighting GameChanger’s acceleration and growth among the target audience:

  • The Obstacles: Lingering COVID restrictions caused a delayed start to many youth leagues around the country. Moreover, consumers that had an existing loyalty to baseball/softball specific app needed to be educated on the new services provided.
  • The Game Plan: An omnichannel campaign across Search, Facebook/Instagram, and a few other purposeful digital channels, while ensuring a clear measurement plan was in place.
  • The Insight: The campaign required a two-pronged approach. First, test and learn, followed by a data-driven digital campaign with a focus on performance. Search and Social maintain a consistent media presence to build awareness and capture demand.
  • The Results: In the last 4 months, Team Manager Downloads have increased over 3x and accounts created (User Creates) increased ~100%

Media worked to find the most efficient channels to reach the target audience. While the creative execution was designed to connect with coaches, brevity was key, as was concise information. Within a split second, the user needed to understand why GameChanger is the superior app for scorekeeping, stats, live game video and team management. Take a look below:

team communication Free Live Streaming

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