October 4, 2011
Frontgate Gets Jiggy With It

Don’t ever doubt Frontgate’s talent to keep things interesting. Check out their October 2011, 88 page catalog plus their 16 page “Best-of-Breed” edition of pet products. Frongate hit on the hot trend started by the Real Housewives of Beverly Hill’ s Jiggy VanderPump, the most famous Pomeranian, and placed look-a-like dogs on a bed on the inside cover.

Frontgate stepped out this fall. In my generally underwhelmed mailbox, this strong book is peppered with great style and items for all areas of the home. It is well paced and probably the best edited catalog across all home categories including the bedroom, bathroom, and outdoor for the non- north easterners. I’m not the only one who has been watching Frontgate connect consumers and build its Brand authority. Glenda Shasho Jones in a recent article in Multichannel Merchant also singled the cataloger out for its ability to generate trust and influence by showing consumers the high-end living space they could have. Its skill in communicating its aspirational relevance is why this book is another stand out for Frontgate, and more importantly, a stand alone.

Frontgate has continued to take no punches and lead the catalog industry with authority and continuity in Brand representation. It definitely has re-inspired me to make a purchase. Very well done Mr. Tarvin!

Monica C. Smith
Chief Marketsmith

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