Consumers are putting their toes in the water again, actually their whole feet, and into brick and mortar stores more and more.  Still lagging pre-pandemic levels overall,  there definitely is an improvement in foot traffic numbers.  Here is a collection of observations from various sources.

  • According to Springboard, which tracks retail traffic, the week of 2/6-2/12 store traffic increased by more than 20% 6 out of 7 days and for the week in total showed a 23.4% increase over the previous week.  Overall foot traffic was up by more than 100% YoY, still below 2019, but gaining on it. And it continued to increase, up 5.3% Presidents Day week vs the previous week.
  • And while January showed a drop from December in-store traffic, January 2022 was up 14.8% vs January 2021.
  • Costco saw increased foot traffic vs. 2019 every month in 2021 and it continued into 2022 with January outpacing January 2019 by 2.8%.
  • Dick’s Sporting Goods was up 1.9% in January vs. January 2019.  And Planet Fitness was up 2.8%.
  • Home furnishing brands were on an extended roll throughout 2021. Visits to Home, HomeGoods, and Floor & Decor saw growth every month of 2021 on a year-over-two-year (Yo2Y) basis, and their strength continued into 2022: In January ‘22, Yo2Y visits rose by 2.8%, 7.3%, and 58.4% for At Home, HomeGoods, and Floor & Decor, respectively.
  • Walmart’s visits were down 3.1% in January compared to January 2020, while Target’s were up 6.2%. In fact, Target has attracted more visits than it did prior to the pandemic on a monthly basis for 11 months straight.  On a year-over-year basis, both brands drew higher traffic. In January, visits at Walmart were up 3.6% compared to 2021 and up 3.9% at Target. Both made traffic YOY traffic gains in December, with Walmart up 10.8% and Target up 9.9%.
  • And the increase continues into February, for Presidents Day in particular, with a jump of 130% for Dicks, 65% for Target and 39% for Costco on February 21, 2022 vs. February 2020.
  • Foot traffic to gyms has almost recovered, only at 3% below 2019 levels. However it varies by price points with lower cost chains performing better and mid-priced chains having a harder time. Foot traffic for Planet Fitness (memberships about $10), has surpassed 2019; while 24 Hour Fitness (memberships at about $50) is still behind.

What does the foot traffic future hold?

We expect that over the next 3 to 5 years, ecommerce will level off at about a quarter of retail sales overall, varying by category.  While consumers appreciate the convenience of online buying, many still want to shop in-store.  A recent Morning Consult survey showed that 41% of U.S. shoppers preferred brick and mortar and 29% preferred online, with the rest not showing a preference.  It does vary by age and income as the graph below shows.

Driving consumers to in-store experiences will continue to be a critical piece of any brand’s marketing strategy.

How can Marketsmith help?

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