Smarter Ad Rotation and Improved Audience Targeting on the Way from Facebook

Fighting Fatigue: Creative Ad Delivery Recommendations

Ad wear-out should always be in the back of an advertiser’s mind, especially when running a mass awareness campaign on social media. Facebook has begun to roll out a new recommendation within the Account Overview and Delivery column in Facebook Ads Manager that will call out an ad or ad set that may be experiencing ad wear-out. A status reading “creative fatigue,” along with a recommendation for a new ad, will appear in the Delivery column.

Facebook is basing this ad fatigue recommendation on all recent exposures of the ad’s image or video, including those from other current or prior campaigns from the same brand page.

This feature has been activated in approximately 50% of the ad accounts in the United States and Canada as of December 1, 2020. This feature should be released to the remainder of ad accounts in early 2021. 

Aligning Offline Conversions and Custom Audiences

Starting in mid-November, Facebook implemented an update for offline conversions that will better align with web and app events. This has an impact on creating custom audiences: new custom audiences from offline event sets can now only be created within 180 days.

In an effort to reduce disruptions to current campaigns, Facebook will allow for the use of existing offline conversions with custom audiences through July 31, 2021. Facebook recommends, as a best practice, using a customer list to create custom audiences when using older data sets – more than 180 days – for audience targeting.

Smart Tech Still Needs Smart People

With the ongoing improvements to algorithms and audience targeting methods, advertisers must still remember that the human element of understanding the larger picture of a campaign is critical. We can see what machines can’t. By matching human intuition and machine intelligence, we can nearly guarantee the outcomes for a stronger and more efficient campaign.