Last week I had the pleasure of speaking with Barbara Jenny Wilson, Digital Director at Coty International B.V. and Eric Allen, Performance Marketing Leader at GameChanger, a Dick’s Sporting Goods Company. Together we discussed the power of brands within the marketplace and how today’s consumers expect a more personalized experience then ever before. They want consistency and relevancy across all channels, devices, and platforms, and in order to accomplish this, brands must empower their locations, partners, and influencers with tools that not only align with their brand but also allow for a sense of authenticity.

Have time to watch the full discussion? Check out the video at the end of this post, I promise it will be 40 minutes well spent. Too busy? Check out the top 3 things I took away.

Personalization Strategy is Key

When speaking about how GameChanger has tapped into a personalized strategy for their target audience, Eric highlighted how the company started by developing and producing an anthem-like long form deliverable. This was produced with a cinematic quality taking into considerations future needs for digital assets, website development, and more. They now can create assets based on target segment, feature requests, and more from that single shoot. The ability to create bite-size content from a large-scale project is one of the best ways to ensure brand consistency over time and across platforms.

Brand Consistency Can Stretch Across Brands and Languages

Next, I was hoping to better understand how a brand like Coty could take the type of creative and assets that Eric spoke about and make it work across brands and languages. Barbara talked us through how Coty provides each brand and location with a toolkit of assets. She spoke about how shoots and creative development needed to be made with a diverse consideration, meaning photoshoots should include various ethnicities, genders, and more. This level of commitment from the start would allow Coty to empower their local teams to personalize content based on their specific market.

“Global branding should empower the local teams.” Barbara Jenny Wilson

Measuring Engagement of Personalized Content

Lastly, we discussed how to measure creative and media when managing a strategy with personalized complexity. Two ideas really came to the surface:

  1. Establish measurement goals and benchmarks before going live. This is important when testing new channels and new approaches within existing channels. In addition to an always on Learning Agenda, Eric highlighted the important of aligning with your media agency on an attribution model. For some brands this may be more simplistic and last click focus whereas for others it may rely on a multi-touch attribution model. Whatever route you choose, be sure to align on goals from the start to hold any test accountable.
  2. Traditional testing requires complex hold out panels and time. If you are looking for quick feedback and real-time optimization, adopt an AI driven testing model. This can come from proprietary tools managed in-house or by leveraging a dynamic ad serving partner allowing for copy and headline testing.

How To Consistently Brand in a World of User Generated Content (UGC)

The biggest question I came away with was how could we continue to focus on consistent and strong branding in a world where UCG is growing by the minute? There is a sense of freedom required for content to feel authentic to consumers. What is the right balance? Let’s continue the conversation on LinkedIn and figure it out together.


Digital Director – Content Platforms
Coty International B. V.

Barbara has been improving the way people work using new tools and technology for the last 15 years. After Digital Marketing and Analytics, she landed in the Design, Packaging and Artwork space; everything around asset creation and the challenges the teams face during this work kept her fascinated and focused for the past 8 years.

Now she is onto the next challenge as the demands of digital experiences are rendering current ways of working inefficient: How these assets are stored, shared and (re-)used. Brand recognition continues to be a key theme throughout.

Barbara believes that technology can significantly improve work processes; eliminating or automating repetitive work so that everyone has more time for the important work. She is also a big advocate of using smart solutions to help manage the evolving brand experiences and keeping the consumer at the center.

Eric Allen
Performance Marketing Leader

Eric Allen leads performance marketing for GameChanger, a technology company that builds simple and powerful products for youth sports teams and their communities. Prior to GameChanger, Eric was a marketing leader for Lovesac, one of the fastest-growing furniture brands in the U.S. He has also worked at PepsiCo in Channel Marketing, Brand Management, and Consumer Insights, and spent 4 years with PR agency Porter Novelli, working with clients HP and PeopleSoft. Eric grew up in Iowa, and now lives in Connecticut.