From freelancer to Senior Art Director, Sling Perez is one of Marketsmith Inc.’s growing talents. For the past three years, he has been working with the creative team as a collaborator across our clients, including developing and overseeing design projects and giving feedback where it is needed. Sling’s talents have benefitted both Marketsmith and our clients, such as GameChanger and PSEG Long Island.

Perfect timing

The New York Institute of Art and Design is where Sling absorbed the glories of graphic design and print production, eventually picking up on coding. After college, he started his career at Creative Circle and explored essential skills like packaging design, HTML development, and print production. During this time, he also found his passion for designing and creating, and more specifically, video. At the time of this realization, video creators were in high demand, so he took this opportunity to explore his newest passion and gain the skills that were required to succeed.

Getting creative

The primary focus of the creative ideation process is conceptualizing how to visually bring a client’s message to life to meet the campaign goals. Luckily for Marketsmith, we have Sling. His ideation process starts on Adobe After Effects and Premiere Pro, where he brings an initial concept to life – all Sling needs to hear are the goals that need to be met on a project and his vision is set. Sling profoundly admires diving into the creative aspect of a project because he has the opportunity every day to experiment with different forms of expression, sometimes without using any words in his creations. When presenting a finished project, Sling does not have to say much.

“The team at Marketsmith trusts Sling’s vision because his work speaks for itself.” – Sara Partite, Operations Manager

An artist from the start

In addition to creating, Sling likes to stay active. Every day starts at 5AM with a good workout session before he puts in his workday and ends with a lengthy run… and maybe a drink or two. With exercising as Sling’s source of winding down, art will always be his main passion. He has been creating art for as long as he can remember. His passion for art took root with memorable elementary school teacher who guided and influenced him all the way through high school, teaching him Photoshop and other great art skills and showing him how easily designing comes to him. We can thank this teacher for inspiring such a talent, and we are lucky to have Sling as part of the Marketsmith team!