Possibilities Are Endless

After taking a marketing and digital design class during junior year of high school, marketing became one of Michelle’s prime interests. She discovered that within the wide range of marketing, there is so much to explore and absorb. The possibilities are endless, as marketing is the backbone of all businesses to reach maximum performance. For Marketsmith clients, Michelle’s contributions make these endless possibilities achievable. Transitioning from marketing associate to account executive, Michelle is taking advantage of her new role by building strong client relationships and becoming more vocal in media decisions. Through this, Michelle has learned to portray each challenge she faces as an opportunity to improve her skills. Furthermore, Michelle stays updated on client news by following up on articles and checking on clients’ social media.

To reach a deeper understanding of client performance, Michelle takes the time to learn more about data analytics and its role in marketing. Interpreting the next step in a campaign is discovered by pinpointing what media solutions are resonating with the audience. Data analytics was a field Michelle was not familiar with, but as she is growing in Marketsmith, she is gaining knowledge and picking up tips of how to optimize its powers by working with the analytics team.

A Qualified Leader

Account executive is not the only role Michelle takes on at Marketsmith. The Employee Action Committee (EAC) is successfully running due to her hard work, alongside John Canlas as co-president. As a support system for the Marketsmith team, the EAC is dedicated to making work a happy place for all. Michelle uses some of her strongest skills, planning and managing, to help organize company events and activities such as game night and holiday events.

The 2020 Census Campaign is a proud accomplishment of Michelle’s at Marketsmith, as she was part of an event that brought smiles to the team. In charge of managing the client event, Michelle was responsible for communicating with fellow members on the planning team and ensuring everything arrived on time and the event was running accordingly, including ice cream trucks coming to the event. Michelle was honored to be a part of putting together an event where everyone had a great time while enjoying a sweet treat, all while celebrating the hard work put into launching the census campaign. Michelle looks forward to contributing to more company events in the future.

Marketsmith is not the only place where Michelle stretches herself and takes on leadership roles. As a youth leader at New Hope Community, Michelle works with middle and high school aged kids, encouraging them to be faithful followers of the church through events, activities and mission trips while guiding them on their faith journey. At Fairleigh Dickinson, Michelle was an RA on campus for the freshmen dorms, where she created a community for the incoming freshmen and took on the responsibility of ensuring safety during campus life.

We are excited to continue to watch Michelle grow within the company and look forward to more EAC events in her future!