Jenn DiGioia is one of Marketsmith’s media superstars and a rising leader within the organization. For the past three years, she has been overseeing all of Marketsmith’s clients as a media supervisor, working alongside Samantha Foy and Valentina Vizzio to oversee and execute digital media planning, buying, and optimizations, most recently on newly launched campaigns for GameChanger and Brother.

Expanding her media knowledge through certifications

During her time at Marketsmith, Jenn has been dedicated to furthering her expertise in the media field, and she most recently became Twitter Flight School Certified. Completion of this program allows media planners and buyers to build a deeper understanding of how Twitter works and increase engagement with consumers, which Jenn saw as essential skills to have due to many of our clients’ presence on the platform. Having insight into the background tools of Twitter helps determine how to approach performance marketing and guide clients digitally to build buzz, launch products, drive sales, and connect with a highly engaged audience. In addition to Twitter Flight School, Jenn is also certified in Facebook Media Buying and is a Criteo Advertising Professional. With a Facebook Media Buying certificate, Jenn has become more knowledgeable in the skills, tools, advertising policies, and best practices required to buy ads in Facebook and Instagram. Being a Criteo Advertising Professional, Jenn can effectively manage Criteo display advertising campaigns, further enhancing her expertise in the digital marketing and programmatic ecosystem.

With these certifications under her belt, Jenn has seen a difference in her performance at Marketsmith, constantly testing and strengthening her skills with every project she works on, while also learning on the fly. The digital media landscape is constantly changing and evolving, so it is important to keep up with new developments to be able to provide our clients with the insights, expertise, and service they deserve. One of Jenn’s goals as part of her role as a leader at Marketsmith is working on getting more members of the media team certified, so every media campaign is executed at the highest level and all clients see the outcomes they are expecting.

A team player through and through

Outside of work, Jenn is an avid soccer player—showing she is a team player not just at Marketsmith. She is a member of a local coed soccer team and loves to stay active with yoga, snowboarding, and hiking. Jenn is a Fairleigh Dickinson University alumnus who majored in marketing, shifting from her original major of fashion design once she saw the many facets of marketing and the potential for growth and skill sharpening. We are lucky to have her here and can’t wait to continue to see how she rises within the company!