In early 2020, we dove into why creativity counts, mentioning that “people are turning on their screens for content, not commercials;” and while creating content that educates is important, there is a fine line between a salacious commercial and educational content. It’s appealing to lean towards the shiny objects and big ideas to try and go viral – however, you can’t underestimate the power of clear and concise information, particularly in a time when we are so reliant on technology for information and logistics. Sure, TikTok has plenty of (dare I say) vapid video content, but so much of the “For You” page features all types of hacks, tips, tricks, and discoveries. Next time someone tells you you’re wasting time on social media, kindly let them know that you are purely learning and growing. I mean, @Kaansanity already has over 4m followers and I’ve got over 75 new iPhone tricks to show my friends (yes, I’m really cool). Moreover, it’s not just short-form videos that work; it’s impossible to ignore the extreme boom of gaming tutorials/streams and Just Chatting streamers on the ever-expanding platform Twitch, which according to Streamlabs, had surpassed 4 billion hours watched last year. The consumer thirst for educational content is palpable.

Five Tips for Strong Video Marketing

  1. Optimize content for mobile viewing. 65% of video views on Facebook come from mobile devices and 94% of those views happen in a vertical (portrait) orientation.
  2. Keep video content under 2 minutes.
  3. Create a story. If you have more than 90 seconds’ worth of content, spread it out across video segments that connect to each other.
  4. ALWAYS include captions – only 15% of Facebook users watch video with sound on.
  5. Have a strong CTA that drives the consumer directly to your desired action. Purchase, Follow, Comment, Etc.

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Of course we can’t tell you about the value of educational video content without sharing a few quick tips to help you quench that consumer thirst. We’ve also included a few of our favorite educational video content creators for your perusal.

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