Distracted Driving is a Affecting Us All

Imagine driving down a highway and you look to the left and see someone driving blindfolded. Sounds ridiculous, doesn’t it?

Well, according to researchers, 60% of drivers are essentially doing just that. When you’re texting or talking while driving, everything around you becomes a blind spot.

60% of drivers are driving with blindfolds over their eyes. Read that again.

A fact like this speaks for itself. But it’s only part of the story we want to tell.

Take Control of Your Destiny: Join the Movement

#TakeControlofYourDestiny isn’t simply about what you should do behind the wheel. It’s about everything you have to look forward to when you do. It honors the beauty of our individual dreams and recognizes we all have the potential to achieve them. What are you striving for? What are your greatest ambitions?

Whether it’s sharing your musical talent or embracing your retirement, when you take responsibility behind the wheel, you are taking responsibility for your own destiny and those of everyone around you.

As the Agency of Record for the NJ Department of Highway Traffic Safety, Marketsmith is committed to building a movement to end distracted driving in New Jersey. And the road won’t end there. We won’t stop until participation is nationwide.

That’s why we want you to join us to keep the momentum going. Commit to creating a world that is safer for all dreamers to take control of their destiny.

To support our commitment, Monica C. Smith welcomes all parents, high schoolers, college students, and retirees to join the movement and share your commitment to being responsible behind the wheel.

Email Monica  at msmith@marketsmithinc.com to share how we can bring this message to your local schools, house of worship, community center, or even your own home.