5% of consumers are overwhelmed by the number of online advertisements they see on a daily basis. Consumer annoyance with digital advertising can lead to ineffective marketing campaigns. Consumers may even reject a brand out of exasperation!

Many businesses are finding that direct mail is a more tolerated and appreciated form of marketing. Direct mail doesn’t have to be old-fashioned though, because the USPS has brought a lot of great new innovations to the field in 2022.

To reap the benefits of direct mail as a marketing tactic, try incorporating some of these innovations into your next direct mail marketing campaign to make it fresh and exciting for your customers.

Sensory Innovations

Young children aren’t the only ones who enjoy sensory things! Adults are also intrigued by tactile experiences. Studies show that a tactile object leaves a deeper impression on the brain, no matter one’s age. Sensory, tactile, and interactive designs are a great way to be creative and make your direct mail strategy memorable. Consider using folded self-mailers, scratch-and-sniff, or inserts with product samples to think outside of the envelope.

Targeted and Sustainable Direct Mail

Consumers are increasingly conscientious about the environmental impact of their lifestyles. Demonstrate your business’s environmental responsibility by using recycled paper. Another idea is to include a little blurb about the carbon offsets you use.

Another trend with multiple benefits is targeted direct mail. Rather than mass mailing advertisements to everyone in a region, harness smart data to send mail only to those most likely to respond to it.

Direct mail personalization helps you make the most of your budget and treat the consumer to a more personalized experience. It also reduces waste, further enhancing your sustainability score.

Informed Delivery

Encourage your customers to enroll in Informed Delivery, a USPS service. This is an opt-in service that gives participants a digital preview of their incoming mail.

Because this is something that consumers choose to participate in, it boosts their chances of opening and reading the mail they receive. It’s a great way to synchronize digital and analog marketing methods to increase the effectiveness of both.

High-Tech Mail Innovations

The USPS is leaning-in to emerging and advanced technology by introducing high-tech direct mail integrations to grab people’s attention:

  • Virtual Reality: Including a VR function can transport the consumer to a different place or world. These highly interactive experiences can now be incorporated into direct mail.
  • Integration With Voice Assistant: For a personalized way to engage with consumers, try using voice assistant integration. Consumers can use voice commands to ask questions and have a conversation about your product.
  • Video in Print: Video in print technology allows you to include a small screen in the mailer that will play a video without needing Wi-Fi. This can help keep your marketing video from getting lost in the hubbub of the internet.

Growth-Oriented Marketing

If you’re looking for an agency that can help you make your marketing campaign the best it can be, Marketsmith delivers. USPS promotions and direct mail innovations are just a few of the ways you can improve your engagement with consumers.

As an agency built on direct mail innovations and data analytics, we can help you harness your customer data to meet them where they are and see where they’re headed so you can make smarter, more strategic investments. Get in touch to learn more about our AI offerings and solution-based approach to marketing.