Should You Be Using DM? Just Ask Ben!

At Marketsmith Inc., we’ve been perfecting direct mail strategies and creativity since our founding as an agency more than twenty years ago. And, while our agency continues to be an innovator in DM, we can’t claim to have invented the tactic. We gladly give that honor to none other than Ben Franklin. Franklin was appointed America’s first postmaster general in 1775 with the realization that a postal service was the most important means of communicating news among the colonies. But Franklin was also a publisher. And where there are publishers, there is advertising. We can’t imagine that Franklin the publisher didn’t have expanding advertisers’ reach in mind as well! Of course, a lot has changed in marketing since Franklin was looking to increase ad pages in his Poor Richard’s Almanack. And that’s where our own lightning strikes of innovation have had a major impact on how direct mail can still be a highly effective part of a modern, digitally based media mix for direct-to-consumer brands. In fact, it might be among the most powerful tools available for driving direct response from consumers.

Direct Mail: A History of Innovation

Innovation comes in all shapes and sizes and is often necessary for execution. When we worked with the MoMA, many creative-based challenges stood at the forefront of the campaign; however, our direct response expert-filled team was able to combat those challenges by utilizing recipient data, purchase behavior data, and creative insights. The Marketsmith team was able to bring data-backed results, insights, and recommendations to the MoMA team, helping understand the target market, the performance of the campaign, and optimization opportunities.

Check out the MoMA direct mail case study here!

Moreover, here at Marketsmith Inc., we believe in a holistic approach to including direct mail in your marketing strategies. Direct mail has great targeting abilities and has relatively low costs associated; this works best when coupled with digital display, paid media, or TV video to help increase brand awareness and recall, as well as mid-/lower-funnel KPIs.

To highlight this point, please check out this campaign we worked on with Widex.

Increase Returns, Decrease Risk

What it comes down to is this: Direct mail can help you both decrease the risk and increase the return on your investment in your omnichannel direct-to-consumer campaign. Or, as Ben might have said, a penny saved is a penny earned. More specific facts and suggestions in Part 2 of this blog are coming soon. In the meantime, feel free to email our COO, Rachel Schulties ([email protected]), to schedule a consultative meeting. We will be happy to discuss how adding DM to your media mix can help your brand earn a lot more Franklins.