April 19, 2012
Dermstore’s Spring Catalog Needs a Stronger Brand Voice

Dermstore’s Spring Catalog 2012 is really well done. The “Product Playtime” theme is a departure from what we have seen in the past. Presenting over 200 products on 48 pages, each with about four items per page and an average $50 price point, the book feels well edited and engaging. The message is strong with good call to actions. We think Dermstore missed an opportunity however to use the inside back cover as a stronger presentation of its Brand voice. The copy and presentation on that page are low key and do not communicate the power of the Brand for the free gifts and push to the web. And too much of its space is devoted to information, such as policies, which could be placed in the inside of the book. Copy was well written, but the typeface seemed too thin on the extra shiny page, taking some of the punch out of the messaging. Overall, Dermstore’s catalog is a yeoman marketing piece, but can use some work in strengthening the Brand voice to make it more effective in communicating Dermstore’s point of differentiation aside from a beauty blog, quick search and free shipping .

Monica C. Smith
Marketsmith, Inc.

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