The Power of Partnership: Amobee and Marketsmith

When Amobee was recognized as a Leader in Forrester’s highly influential New Wave 2019 Report, we were hardly surprised. It merely confirmed our choice in partnering with Amobee as our top-choice Demand Side Platform (DSP) in buying and planning connected TV for our local and national clients. Amobee’s reach across over 30 different exchanges has helped Marketsmith’s nationally recognized media team drive bigger business outcomes for brands in many highly competitive consumer categories.

According to Forrester, Amobee “leads with robust planning and portfolio management capabilities.” Amobee was recognized as a Leader with a differentiated ranking in 7 out of 10 criteria, more than any other provider in the annual report, including over-the-top (OTT) and connected TV (CTV) buying, audience discovery and building, and measurement.

We couldn’t agree more.

We especially love how many always-on deal IDs are available from premium connected TV partners, including Samsung, Amazon, Hulu and FreeWheel (Comcast). This makes diversifying our CTV buys very easy with no strict commitment to just one premium partner so we can easily optimize our inventory mix on the fly.

Powerful Cross-Device Integration

Another thing we really love about buying connected TV through Amobee is that their proprietary data management platform (DMP) is so well integrated into their platform. We’re able to create and use any combination of data categories and data partners in our segments and test many segments against each other across CTV, mobile and desktop.

Amobee’s device graph is able to provide cross-device attribution as well by matching the IP address of the household that saw the CTV ad with the device ID where the user later converted. Although Connected TV is (and should be) used as a top-of-funnel tactic, this gives us data that proves CTV does drive view-through conversions.

Even better, we’re able to provide multi-touch attribution reports at the end of each campaign that show in-depth what combination of devices drove the final conversion. We may see that 1,000 users saw a CTV ad, but we didn’t see the view-through conversion from the CTV ad directly. We then captured those 1,000 users’ conversions in our retargeting tactic. This granularity of data is extremely useful in making each successive campaign we run even more successful than the last.

This is yet one more accolade for Amobee—they also were named a Leader in the Gartner 2020 Magic Quadrant Report. We love to see our top DSP of choice being recognized once again for their leadership in the ad tech market. Congratulations, Amobee! We look forward to many more positive outcomes for our clients through dynamic connected TV placements.

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