May 23, 2012
Chico’s is Having a Negative Effect on Boston Proper

Boston Proper was recently bought by Chico’s and its effect is already starting to show. While the clothes inside the catalog are tempting purchases as always (take a look at that dress, model and setting on its second page); overall, the quality of the book is down. The pages are thinner and rougher now and there was a quality control mishap on the front cover’s top margin. The cover promotes an offer for 10% off orders over $200 offer, which is not enough to motivate an increase in spend. In fact, it might even turn some people off, given the generous discounts offered in today’s marketplace.

Boston Proper has a rich Brand history and it’s now up to Chico’s to select a path for the Brand: fold this into Chico’s, or maintain the Brand image as it has been established while minimizing the operational cost.


Monica C. Smith
Marketsmith, Inc.

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