NJ Beats Growth Projections by 4.5%

The 2020 Census results were released last week, highlighting the results of each state’s growth in population. These numbers are then used to calculate the number of congressional seats to which each state is entitled. New Jersey ranked among the top states in terms of growth.

  • US population count is officially 331,449,281 as of 4/1/2020, growing at the slowest pace since the Depression.
  • Redistricting is upon us, and the makeup of Congress will shift. Seven states lost a congressional seat, including NY, PA, and CA. Six gained a congressional seat, including FL and TX. NY’s difference between keeping and losing a seat was just 89 people.
  • NJ population grew to ~9.2 MM (+4.5% than the Census Bureau had estimated for NJ), +5.7% against the 2010 count, growing at a higher rate than NY or PA.
  • NJ typically has the largest loss of college students, with a net loss of 30k annually based on shifts to out-of-state schools. With the pandemic, those students were counted in NJ based on learning from home.

Sources: NJ.com, Census.gov

Census 2020: 3 Ways to Drive Action Among the Hard-to-Reach

In order for the Census to be accurate and effective, it was essential that every New Jerseyan had access to information, powerful reasons to engage, and support in their participation.  Here are 3 ways the state worked to drive action among the hard-to-reach:

Clear and Strong Messaging: Creative and media placements worked together to form a message that was easy to understand and powerful to drive action. This came in the form of billboard placements and other OOH displays, like laundromat posters, with strong calls to action to fill out the Census.

Community Building: Local government officials, including Governor Murphy, were all hyper- focused on empowering engagement from the ground up. They focused on community organizations and multilingual media campaigns and employed local ambassadors to build a groundswell of informed residents. State partners, like Marketsmith, also pitched in by sharing information in an a way that allows for engagement and participation.

Diversity and Inclusion: NJ took clear and present steps to reach out to citizens looking to immigrate. It was made clear by the legislature, representatives, and media campaigns that New Jersey welcomes all people, no matter the race, religion, creed, or ethnicity, and particularly people in need. In comparison with other states, many immigrants from Latin American countries migrated to NJ because they felt comfortable knowing their family, friends, and other acquaintances were welcome as well or already there. According to NJ.com, “Those states didn’t do the outreach that New Jersey did, said Randy Capps, director of research for U.S. programs for the Migration Policy Institute, a research group.”

For more information on state-based campaigns and how to reach consumers with an empowering message, Let’s Talk!