Marketsmith Inc.


$ 1 MM
Contribution to Bottom Line
1 %
Percentage of Profitable Mailing Lists
1 %
Percent of Sales by Marketsmith Identified Prospect Sources

Goals & Objectives

Build a successful outreach plan against a new direct marketing strategy.

Consumer Research

Tumi, Inc., a leading international brand of luxury travel, business, and lifestyle accessories, was rebounding from a loss generated by a failed effort to start up a catalog the previous year. Additionally, the company was on the sales block. Marketsmith took over the direct marketing operations of this high-end luggage and accessories manufacturer/retailer.

Data-Driven Rationale

We created the strategy and developed a P&L with regularly updated forecasting. We determined mailing quantities, including prospect mix and strategy. By the end of the year, the company had mailed its first successful catalog, generating over $1 million in contribution to the bottom line, and increased its perceived worth in the marketplace by 20%. Over the next four years, Marketsmith has continued to help Tumi fine tune its direct marketing strategy and integrate direct efforts across multiple channels with retail strategies.


We executed national always-on media tactics, social and search, to drive targeted awareness, generating new customer installs optimizing to enrollments and locally tested into additional channels such as CTV, YouTube, and Pandora to efficiently drive incremental installs and validate expansion.

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