Marketsmith Inc.


1 %
Increase in Leads over a 12 Month Period
1 %
Conversion Rate Lift

Goals & Objectives

Grow prospect pool in order to increase overall enrollments. ​

Consumer Research

With our proprietary MarketsmithIQ platform at the center of our approach, we were able to pinpoint new markets, find the best way to reach them, and test marketing tactics to convert more leads into applicants.

Data-Driven Rationale

With increased competition in the online education space, the school saw a steady decrease in both prospects and enrollment numbers over a four-year span. It brought Marketsmith on board to reverse this troubling trend. Marketsmith kicked off this engagement by auditing the school’s historical marketing efforts and media buys. We wanted to see what worked and what didn’t in the past. Next, we analyzed the target demographic, pinpointed geographic segments, and identified untapped and undertapped markets where there was room for growth.


We built a two-pronged strategy to engage prospects both online and offline.

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