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JDP Score Increase
1 PT
Data Integrations
1 +
Media Tactics Activated
1 %

Goals & Objectives

Accelerate on PSEG LI positive momentum and take the next big jump up the J.D. Power rankings.

Consumer Research

Positive perception is a constant challenge for utilities when so many factors, from rate hikes to weather outages, are beyond the control of marketing. We needed to deliver creative that would drive customer awareness and a media plan that would reach our target consumer when they were most open to engaging with the brand. 

Data-Driven Rationale

The challenge became even bigger: there is no single reason that customers like—or don’t like—their power company. Previous learnings were used to re-engage our hypertargeted audience through an omnichannel creative approach that we knew was positively reacted to in previous years.


Granular analytics looked at year-over-year improvements to scores and which creative and media tactics drove the most positive impact wave over wave across all pillars.

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