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Goals & Objectives

Drive awareness of the Tax Amnesty program on a massive scale across the state and employ every effective medium.

Consumer Research

Research from past efforts in New Jersey and other states shows that coming out of the gate strong jump-starts the program to help raise awareness quickly. Additionally, it indicated that a large percentage of delinquent tax collections take place in the first two weeks and the last two weeks.

Data-Driven Rationale

A major push was given in the final two weeks of the campaign, and refreshed messaging was implemented midway through. Broadscale channels like TV/video, terrestrial and digital audio, OOH, digital, social, search and print, as well as in-store signage and brochures, were utilized. Public relations efforts amplified the message by implementing grassroots tactics for both businesses and community organizations.


Success was measured against actions including phone calls, email inquiries, and revenue goals against benchmarks.

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