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Goals & Objectives

Drive awareness of the impact of distracted driving through creative that represents the great lives that lay on the road ahead.

Consumer Research

Past distracted driving campaigns that focused on death had less than desired results. Our research showed that those negative ads were a turn-off for consumers who told us in interview after interview that that was hardly new news. And yet national statistics showed that, despite that knowledge, bad driving behavior continues unabated. It wasn’t lack of awareness we had to overcome, but complacency.

Data-Driven Rationale

We took a different route: positive reinforcement. Rather than scare drivers with images of death we chose to remind them about the great lives that lay on the road ahead. The campaign told multiple stories of lives lived to their fullest—all because another New Jersey driver had the good sense to keep their eyes on the road and their hands on the wheel.  And it was that wheel that stood at the heart of each of the ads we created.


Success was measured against engagement metrics and website traffic against benchmarks.

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