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Goals & Objectives

Drive awareness and engagement across underserved communities with a message that was easy to understand and powerful to drive action. 

Consumer Research

The monkeypox disease was spreading, specifically in underserved communities, and with an urgent need for public awareness, our campaign needed to be executed quickly to prevent cases from increasing and having a more widespread impact. The campaign, creative, and media tactics needed to work together to drive an increase in vaccinations and overall awareness.

Data-Driven Rationale

It takes a perfect mix of message and media to execute a winning campaign. Working with a limited budget and in a tight time frame, the four-month public awareness campaign, which consisted of TV, radio, out of home, and digital, aimed to educate New Jersey and target communities that were at high risk of contracting the monkeypox disease. This campaign was translated into 10 languages to ensure that the message was understood by diverse populations.


Success was measured by engagement metrics and monthly growth of users driven to the website.

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