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Goals & Objectives

Reach a diverse population to encourage statewide participation in the 2020 Census.

Consumer Research

There are several community segments that historically participate at a lower-than-average census response rate. In particular, lower-income communities may have several barriers to participation: lack of access to information, diversity of languages spoken, and reliance on internet access via mobile phone. There is also an inherent distrust in sharing personal information with the government, especially among more recent American immigrants.

Data-Driven Rationale

We developed an omnichannel plan that hypertargeted Hispanic and Black communities in cities that had shown the greatest resistance in the past, translating creative into multiple languages. We developed creative that spoke directly to the communities, matching their members with the specific outcomes that would mean the most to them while reinforcing the message of confidentiality, privacy, and trust.


Success was measured with responses to the 2020 Census and reporting compared to other states.

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