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Customers In The Database
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Transactions Against The Database
Years Maintaining And Improving The Database

Goals & Objectives

Clean up the database for J.McLaughlin to help create a new retail stream.

Consumer Research

J.McLaughlin did not have a unified way of looking at their customer base across both their retail stores and their e-commerce efforts. Transactional data was siloed by channel, with no understanding of customer cross-channel behavior. They needed a partner to combine the disparate data sets and aggregate information at the customer level that would enable a segmentation strategy to mail catalogs to their best customers to drive business.

Data-Driven Rationale

Marketsmith mapped out the data environment, and then built a custom CRM that married the online and offline data. We were able to merge the customer bases into a single source of truth across channels and across different retail locations and built aggregates of purchasing behavior that would be predictive for accurately targeting customer buying intent. We then implemented segmentation strategies that propelled the launch of J.McLaughlin direct-to-consumer catalog business, moving them out of only retail and online sales channels.


Create a custom CRM database with online and offline data, to data to advance J.McLaughlin's offerings in direct-to-consumer catalog business and a new stream for online channels.

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