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Goals & Objectives

Increase enrollments for GetCoveredNJ by simplifying messaging that educates residents to understand their right to affordable healthcare.

Consumer Research

Governor Phil Murphy was adamant that every single New Jersey resident has an absolute right to affordable, quality healthcare. Our job was to make sure that the state continued to reach residents who still lacked coverage. To do this, we needed to build greater brand awareness of GetCoveredNJ as New Jersey’s official health insurance marketplace and create a better understanding of the many important benefits the program offered every resident of the state.

Data-Driven Rationale

We needed a deeper understanding of their needs, so our research teams ran a survey of New Jersey’s diverse population. Then, our analysts dug deep into the data to find likely motivators among our demographics. We complemented to-the-point messaging with a new graphic approach filled with life through the use of images of active individuals, couples, and families.


Success was measured by the increase website traffic and enrollment growth year over year.

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