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Focus Group Research Budget
$ 1 K
Number of Statements Tested
Increase in Call Volume Year Over Year
1 %

Goals & Objectives

With a campaign that needed to resonate with a very specific audience, research was necessary to ensure the proper tone and approach was achieved.

Consumer Research

Focus groups were set up in two panels, including both people in recovery and family members of people suffering from addiction. Participants were shown statements on billboards and in television ad and then evaluated those statements, with some additions, using a rating scale for key measures of attention getting, relatability, and motivation.

Data-Driven Rationale

Statements expressing a personal perspective, the “I” statements, resonated much better with both family members and recovery specialists—particularly specialists—than those written from the treatment provider perspective due to the emotion evoked. It was identified that family members are looking for both hope and help, whereas those in recovery are specifically looking for a path to treatment or solutions.


Seeing behavioral change once emotions were tapped into during focus group panel testing.

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