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Increase customer retention and reactivation in a trend-driven market.


With our proprietary MarketsmithIQ platform at the center of our approach, we were able to pinpoint when customers were most vulnerable to competitive offers in the sales cycle.

CRM Data Repository
Customer Journey Migration Analysis
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Automated Dashboards
Store-level Reporting
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Product Trending
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Financial Data Integration

Data-Driven Rationale

Using that data, we designed the Product Replenishment plan. The plan used emails with highly relevant product content to drive repeat purchases from one of Bluemercury’s lines at the point in the sales cycle where consumers were actively looking to purchase. Our loyalty-focused CRM strategy targeted customers ready for product replenishment on a weekly basis, and identified the top SKUs and products that would encourage customers to repeat their purchases at Bluemercury, cutting down the opportunity for competitors to step in.


We analyzed at how each email drop performed, from open rates to conversion rates, to understand the product content and offers that worked best, continuously adjusting our strategy to increase overall revenue per email sent for a successful CRM makeover.

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