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Responding to changing consumer attitudes

Nobody could predict the impact the pandemic would have on consumer attitudes. But for a home service business such as PSE&G WorryFree appliance repair, it immediately meant greater caution on inviting workers into the home. This meant that signing up for new appliance service contracts was not the most pressing concern for consumers. It was our job to re-engage consumers once pandemic guidelines were lifted and there was more comfort with the idea of having a repairperson within a home.

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Creative Formats Tested .


Test new DM formats to match new attitudes

The new world meant that historical data collected prior to the pandemic might not be valid in determining the way forward. So we strategized a test that let us compare the current promotional postcards with a more “serious” letter format. Both creative executions made the same consumer offers, provided the same information, and came from the same trusted company, yet they took very different tones. With the help of our proprietary artificial intelligence platform, MarketsmithIQ, we were able to track performance of each mail piece to understand the overall impact on new enrollments.


New strategy nets significantly higher returns

We had our suspicions about which format would win, and we were right. In fact, we were blown away by the difference! The more serious, more corporate letter format drove 64.53% more new service contracts than the promotional postcard format. It was clear that new consumer concerns require a new tone in how we communicate WorryFree services. It was also clear that, when Marketsmith’s human ingenuity combines with our patented artificial intelligence’s predictive capabilities, the outcomes are amazing.

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