The high cost of the MoMA direct mail catalog was being questioned by the Museum’s marketing team. Because the catalog was all about selling high-end gift items to an art-savvy audience, the quality had to be high, which meant so were the costs of production. Was there a way to increase the ROI to justify the cost?


Marketsmith’s Direct Response team knew that a direct mail catalog could have a far bigger impact on just direct sales, extending its influence to retail channels as well. But that would require a much more strategic program that utilized detailed recipient data along with a finely tuned contact strategy. The resulting plan tapped into purchase behavior along with a multiple-contact strategy built on a precisely timed cadence of mailings to the most likely purchasers.


You could call the results a masterpiece of direct mail art. Not only did catalog recipients drive 46.1% of e-commerce sales, they also accounted for 39.1% of retail demand, an increase of 30%. Results we’ll frame and put on our wall, for sure.

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