Almost overnight, the world of sports stopped COVID-19 blew the whistle on every level of athletic competition, from the pros down to Pee Wee leagues. With that time-out came a real threat to GameChanger’s business: if coaches were not able to coach, they would likely see little need for an app that helps them do their jobs better, from keeping track of stats and developing game strategies, to staying in touch with players and their parents with schedules, tips, and videos. It would have been easy for the brand to take a defensive position and simply accept the losses. But, as their agency and strategic partner, we saw a better way. Perhaps it was our inner Knute Rockne speaking as his team around the words of his famous pep talk: “when the going gets tough, the tough get going.” So, we got going!

Increase in New App Downloads Yo2Y
Lower CPA
Incremental Increase in ROI


A Three-point Media Approach

Our approach involved a nimble, optimizable media plan that could reach our three different consumer targets along with enough creative messaging to speak to each target’s specific needs.

Look-alike Targeting Our Proprietary Martech AI Platform, MarketsmithIQ, had amassed significant data on the media and conversion behaviors of current subscribers. This enabled us to target new prospects based on those same behaviors, further segmented by sport and level of play.

Retargeting Of course, not everyone who tapped on our ads was an immediate convert—sometimes those last few yards are the hardest. But it did mean they had shown some interest. We kept this group curious and brought them further into the GameChanger story through highly strategic, serial messaging.

CRM Data Your best prospects are always the customers you already have. It was crucial that the brand not only maintained a relationship with those coaches and parents while play was halted, but that we also used that time to introduce features that would give them an even bigger edge once play resumed.


The Stats Reveal a Championship Performance

As both modern sports and marketing managers know, the results are in the stats, and, in this case, we hit it out of the park with this multi-tiered campaign. In addition to the three-point approach to media we launched with a deep bench of creative. Our creative team developed over 70 digital ads, 5 explainer videos, a dedicated app store video and other creative units for customized placements. This combination resulted in over 19 million coaches and parents reached producing a 66% increase in new app downloads Yo2Y and a 12% lower cost per acquisition. Awareness, yes! Acquisition, yes! Upsell, yes!

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