Launching a new state healthcare exchange

Driving record enrollments for a healthier New Jersey

For the first time since the passage of the Affordable Care Act, New Jersey was about to launch its own state-run healthcare exchange, giving New Jersey residents greater options and more affordability in choosing healthcare coverage for themselves and their families. It was essential that these new, expanded benefits be communicated in time for every eligible resident to shop and decide on the best plan for their needs during the initial enrollment period.

More Enrollments than Previous Year.
More Families Covered.
Creative Versions


Customized creative for each target and demographic

Our creative teams developed a concept that put the faces of diverse New Jerseyans front and center to emphasize that the new marketplace was designed by New Jerseyans for New Jerseyans. A range of headlines spoke to the concerns our research told us were most on people’s minds: quality, affordability, and choice. But messages only matter if they are seen—a job made more challenging when trying to reach audiences that are not easily reached by traditional placements. Our media teams used a highly creative and targeted mix—from broadcast to out-of-home and even pizza boxes—so that nobody would miss their chance to enroll.


Record-setting sign-ups at a crucial time for healthcare

The headline on said it best: “Nearly 10% more N.J. residents bought health coverage this year under Murphy’s new state marketplace.” Which means that as of Jan. 31, over 75,000 more families had coverage in 2021 than in 2020, and that was before an additional round of enrollments was opened in February and ultimately extended through the end of 2021. You could say those are some very healthy results!

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