Record N.J. Census 2020 participation

Hypertargeting brings higher returns for New Jersey

The national census happens only once every ten years, and the results of that survey are essential in deciding the political and economic future of every community in a state, from funding for schools and hospitals to the number of representatives in Congress. Participation is particularly important in New Jersey, which has the most diverse population in the nation, including many recent immigrants who feared personal questioning from government authorities.

Increase in Participation from 2010.
Response Rate Beats National Average.
Media Channels Activated


Focus on the benefits for local communities

We approached the census in a way that turned feelings of fear into hope and community benefit. Our creative emphasized specific outcomes that would mean the most to each specific community while reinforcing the message of confidentiality, privacy, and trust. We developed an omnichannel plan that hypertargeted Hispanic and Black communities in cities that had shown the greatest resistance in the past. Relevant search words, social video featuring the New Jersey secretary of state, and out-of-home placements in multiple languages meant that almost every resident saw relevant messages.


Self-reporting in New Jersey tops national average

We were challenged to beat two key metrics—and we topped them both! Facing even more difficult conditions in 2020 than in 2010, the state improved over the prior census’s self-reporting rates by almost 2%, a significant number for such a large survey. And despite the greater diversity of cultures, languages, and incomes faced in New Jersey than in other states, New Jersey exceeded the national average response rate, of 67%, with a self-reported rate of 69.5%. Best of all, these are numbers that will make a big difference in ensuring that every New Jersey community gets the federal support it needs for years to come.

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