Bluemercury Success Study

Bluemercury, the luxury beauty retailer owned by Macy’s, was looking to improve its business model to focus on a strong ecommerce presence, and increase customer loyalty to drive greater sales. Because Bluemercury is a brand that prioritizes and values customer relationships, we had to craft a plan to close the gap between re-orders and to increase revenue, all while ensuring that we maintained customer loyalty.

Open Rate.
Increase in Conversion Rate on Opened Emails.


Increase loyalty in a trend-driven market

With our proprietary MarketsmithIQ platform at the center of our approach, we were able to pinpoint when customers were most vulnerable to competitive offers in the sale cycle. Using that data, we designed the Product Replenishment plan. The plan used emails with highly relevant product content to drive repeat purchases from one of Bluemercury’s lines at the point in the sale cycle where consumers were actively looking to purchase. Our loyalty-focused CRM strategy targeted customers ready for product replenishment on a weekly basis, and identified the top SKUs and products that would encourage customers to repeat their purchases at Bluemercury, cutting down the opportunity for competitors to step in.


Talk about beauty in numbers

The Product Replenishment plan was effective in improving Bluemercury’s customer loyalty, driving repeat purchases, and expanding the average order size. Not only did the highly relevant product content in each email lead to a 21% open rate, but the average conversion rate on opened emails was 69% higher than Bluemercury’s previous benchmarks. The CRM makeover also increased the overall revenue per email sent, as compared to the brand’s standard non-replenishment email deployments. Those numbers will put a smile on any retailers face!

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