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Saving lives with marketing outreach

In 2017, Widex, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of high-end, high-tech hearing devices awarded Marketsmith their US business after a global pitch. Our challenge was immediate and pressing, the brand had low awareness among consumers in a very competitive environment.

But more importantly, Widex and its wide product selection was not well known among audiologists, who are the gatekeepers in the hearing category and determine the success of a brand.
An empathetic message of hope across all media.

We knew the brand needed a jumpstart, so based on our research and collaboration with our client, Marketsmith quickly developed and activated a 4-month promotional campaign. Titled “Next Level Rewards”, we targeted Widex customers—audiologists and dispensers—to inspire and educate them about the new Beyond Z hearing aid product launching in January 2018.

Marketsmith developed a multi-channel approach and a communication cadence to drive awareness and participation in the program. Emails and two direct mail pieces were deployed to a custom-built list to motivate customers to sign up to participate in the promotion.
More SUD sufferers took their first steps toward recovery.

The promotion was, simply put, wildly successful. Marketsmith generated promotion driven by CRM effort targeted to hearing professionals signed up +11.5% more audiologists versus goal, and those customers purchased +95% more units versus company goal. That’s a success story everyone should hear about.

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