“Build it, and they will come” might work for ballfields, but the same cannot be said for your organic Twitter promotional campaign. Just because you tweet does not mean that users will automatically follow. But there are ways to create organic tweets that will ensure your tweets attract greater interest, more click-throughs, and higher conversion. Best of all, those rules are simple to follow and will guarantee you far more hits in your promotional campaigns.

The media and creative teams at Marketsmith Inc. have developed these rules over the course of 15 years and dozens of campaigns for global and national brands, yet they are simple enough that marketers of any size in any category can easily apply them to their own efforts. One of the wonderful things about Twitter is it enables any brand to reach and attract new followers by sticking to some tried-and-true advertising rules of thumb. The trick, as with all marketing campaigns, is getting past the barriers that stand between you and your best audience.

You really have two barriers to better outcomes with any Twitter promotional campaign. First, your tweet must get through the Twitter algorithm. Second, it must appeal to the individual Twitter user. Luckily, both those barriers can be overcome by keeping the same two Twitter promotion mantras in mind:

Keep It Simple. Keep It Fresh.

Keeping your content fresh is key to any organic tweet promotion. The Twitter platform places heavy priority on new content. It is a platform designed with new and rapid information at its core. Old tweets will quickly drop to the bottom. It is important to keep a stream of new content flowing to keep your message rising to the top of your targets’ feeds and promotional campaigns thriving.

Create two to three versions of every tweet. It is not just newness that matters, variety is just as important. Mix up the images and messages of a single tweet. This allows the algorithm to select the most relevant combination for placement with the individual Twitter user.

Don’t overthink targeting. In fact, Twitter won’t let you fret. As opposed to paid tweets or what you might be used to with Facebook or Instagram, organic tweets don’t offer a lot of controls. That’s just fine. By paying close attention to keywords, and by keeping more broad-based targeting in mind, your tweet will still get into the right feeds and even find followers you might not have had in mind.

Content Creation: Think. Feel. Do.

The best thing about a promotional tweet is that it forces you to distill your content down to the basic needs of any good ad. What do you want your customer to think, to feel, and to do? So let’s add that as our third mantra. Repeat and remember: Think. Feel. Do. And keep the copy short, far shorter even than the maximum character count. Users scroll—and read—fast.

Include a “think statement” in your copy. Don’t force viewers to guess what you want them to know. Tell them. A new feature or flavor? Say it. Special offer? Don’t hide it. Direct language works best.

Complete your copy with a “do” command. There is no more immediate medium than Twitter. Users respond quickly, or they move on. Tell them exactly what action you want them to take: Try it. Check it out. Follow. Save now. Enter to win. Link every tweet to a promotion or offer.

Don’t overload with hashtags. Limit the number of hashtags in your copy to one or two. Too many can be a distraction in your copy, and they can send your followers and your tweet off to places you can’t control.

Use images to evoke emotion. A picture truly is worth a thousand words, especially when you’re limited to 280 characters. And don’t forget, emojis are another form of images that can get even more smiles from your viewers.

Video is always your best bet. If you can include a video, do. Videos almost always outperform static images. Just keep them short—anywhere between 6 and 15 seconds is just the right length. That doesn’t mean that static images should be avoided. Remember, variety is one of the keys to success. Mix up images, videos, and copy within every campaign.

View Our Twitter Promotion Mantra Infographic Here!

That might not be quite as simple as tweet it, and they will follow, but it’s pretty darn close. As you can see from these simple rules, it isn’t hard to build organic tweets that will generate greater outcomes from your next Twitter promotional campaign. Just remember the three Twitter promotion mantras:

Keep it simple. Keep it fresh. Think. Feel. Do.

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