In a time when many retail stores were shuttering their doors, Bluemercury saw a clear path forward to stay relevant – evolve their online shopping experience and expand their offering beyond just typical beauty products.

Evolving Your Ecommerce Presence is the Future of Retail

In 2020 alone, Bluemercury introduced nearly 40 new brands to it’s self-acclaimed “no-pressure environment”, including branching out into new segments such as feminine care and sexual wellness. This, coupled with a consumer shift in behavior during the pandemic to spend more of their retail shopping online vs. in-store, lead to a 60% increase in visitors and twice the amount of time spent on their site.

Capitalizing on consumers newfound time at home and want to provide themselves with ‘self-care’ in the midst of uncertainty, Bluemercury highlighted their focus on skincare and home fragrance to help bring the comforts of a spa experience home. Makeup purchases are on the upswing now that people are entering more hybrid work schedules and more out of the home events are able to happen, so the brand is excited to see how they can continue to grow and launch new brands and categories in their offering.

Utilizing CRM Data to Build Brand Loyalty

With their growing online presence and 160 stores across the country, Bluemercury knows that testing using their CRM data is imperative to optimizing the experience with a full launch.

According to Tracy Kline, SVP of merchandising, digital and marketing at Bluemercury, “it’s really about partnering on the distribution plan, too, because, when we launch, we usually launch using our CRM data and key data in a subset of stores and, then, the plan is to watch the performance and expand from there.”

The team credits their due diligence to focusing their efforts on understanding what products consumers will want the most allowing Bluemercury to ramp up their launch efforts when bringing in a new brand/category. Right before the pandemic, they also launched a new loyalty program, which included a Product Replenishment Plan that Marketsmith crafted to close the gap between re-orders and increase revenue.

Learn how we utilized our proprietary MarketsmithIQ platform to take the available CRM data to boost loyalty by targeting those willing to repurchase. Customers will be loyal to you…if you are truly loyal to them.  Let’s talk loyalty strategy together. In the end, ensuring that you’re listening to your customers and focusing in on relevant products/services helps to both drive your bottom line and build a loyal following that will stay with you, even through uncertain times.’