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Marketsmith is Amazon Advertising Certified!

The MSI Search Team is certified in Amazon Advertising, “[validating] an individual’s proficiency in Amazon’s sponsored ads, like Sponsored Products and Sponsored Brands, with emphasis on retail readiness, sponsored ads strategy, and campaign optimization.” With this, the team can include Amazon in the overall marketing funnel, utilizing one of the lowest funnel e-commerce tools available and driving sales for clients.

If you’re a product or retail marketer, you must learn how to optimize search on Amazon. Why? Looking at the following two stats alone may shed a little light on that question.

The Importance of Amazon Search

Amazon is a trusted source for consumers. In order to sell products successfully, it’s essential that relevant products rise to the top when the consumer is searching, and that these products have the right number of reviews and comments. This process is similar to that of Google, but it requires a specific strategy; an Amazon Search Expert is necessary to carve out the strategic keywords and solutions.

Amazon is known for a lot of things; however, the company is often overshadowed in the world of search by – you guessed it – Google. Yes, Google’s search engine is considered to be more technically advanced, but Amazon’s search engine is the premier product search engine (about 54% market share of product searches).

The Amazon funnel is much tighter than that of any other platform, as users turning to Amazon would be considered “Active Shoppers.” Think about how one uses Amazon vs. Google – on Amazon, searches are sparked by an interest in directly purchasing a product, as opposed to on Google, where searches are used for preliminary steps, like product research and news.

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