How do you top a record-setting year? By digging even deeper into the research, sharpening our pencils, and making sure that we accept Governor Phil Murphy’s very important challenge: make sure that every single uncovered New Jersey resident is aware of their right to affordable, quality healthcare coverage.

It starts with research, research, research

Our research teams were first to take up the challenge. And what they discovered was that many state residents still lacked basic knowledge about the affordability of state-sponsored healthcare coverage. How much does it cost? Can I cover my whole family? Where do I go to learn more? We knew we had to focus on the few most motivating messages. But we also had to make sure those GetCoveredNJ messages rang true across multiple languages and cultures.

Media that couldn’t be missed

Our media teams had a different challenge on their hands—open healthcare enrollment doesn’t last forever so they would have to get the message to reach as many New Jersey residents as possible in the shortest possible time. And do it in a way that managed the state’s budget efficiently. The answer: heavy up in the key areas of the state with the highest percentage of uninsured citizens. Then blanket those areas with everything from transit ads to geo-targeted social and digital placements. In short, make sure that everyone in those geographies saw our GetCoveredNJ ads multiple times a day.

Pinpointed messaging plus emotional imagery

Our creative teams had to get across two important points in a way that would make an immediate impact even in the few seconds it takes to see a bus ad roll by. Make the point about low cost and easy of enrollment with copy that got right to the point. And use imagery that evoked stories of people living active, healthy lives—all thanks to the availability of quality, affordable healthcare coverage from GetCoveredNJ.

Success is about more than the numbers

Yes, the data was great. More than 324,000 New Jerseyans enrolled, a 20% increase over the previous year. But it is even more gratifying to know that within those record-setting numbers are thousands and thousands of parents who can sleep better at night knowing that they don’t have to worry about affording a checkup for their children or medicine when they are ill. As Governor Murphy says, “healthcare is everyone’s right.” We are glad to turn those words into action for every single person in the state.