Twitter has been around since 2006 – can you believe it? While there are more and more social networks popping up every day, Twitter has had the staying power to stick around, and remains one of marketing top tools for garnering engagement.

Twitter has always been known as a more conversational platform than Facebook or Instagram, and especially more so than newer tactics such as Snapchat and TikTok. Many people use Twitter to get their news and engage with their favorite brands thanks to this conversational tone. Hashtags and mentions go a long way on Twitter, where these types of tags are expected to keep a conversation trending.

But what is new for the platform in 2022, and what can marketers expect for the future? We’ve outlined the top 3 trends and our top 3 takeaways to help you get a handle on how to use this OG platform.

Top 3 Twitter Trends for 2022

  1. “The Great Restoration” – Have you heard this term used? It refers to the growing concern for sustainability efforts and brands’ connections to them. Many Twitter users have engaged in trending topics around “emissions”, “climate action”, and “tracking sustainability”. With the focus on this type of accountability, brands can use these trends to show transparency in their supply chain, understand what causes are important to their customers, and even partner with like-minded brands for larger impact.
  2. Fan-Built Worlds – You’ve likely heard of NFTs recently, and fanart/fanfiction is something that’s been around for quite some time, but are you aware of just how large the conversation is around the online “communities” fans and influencers are creating? We’ve talked about NFTs and the metaverse and how brands can get involved, but on the Twitter level, promoting your virtual marketplaces or building a new ‘fandom’ for your loyal customers is a step in the right direction.
  3. Talking Finance in Social – Along the same line of NFTs, Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency are virtual transaction items that people can’t help but talk about on Twitter. Users are sharing financial and investment knowledge on the platform, with hopes of educating those who may not be as versed and keep the virtual currency world moving forward after some slowdown in recent years. Finance is often a personal topic, and a brand providing suggestions to customers on how to spend their money is not really the avenue to go down but offering something like ownership on a new product launch where it makes sense can work for the right brand.

Marketsmith’s Top 3 Takeaways

  1. Maintain Authenticity – People do not want to be sold to. They want to be able to feel heard and relate to brands. Ads should come across as “human” and less robotic in copy.
  2. Keep Consistency – Brands need to be consistent across all platforms. Be the same “person” on every account.
  3. Stay on Top of Relevancy and Culture – Simply said, keep up with the times! Jump on current events with swiftness (e.g., Twitter taking over the internet when Facebook shut down in October 2021 by tweeting “hello literally everyone”). Influencers and content creators are going to continue to be popular, with the number of followers becoming more and more irrelevant. If the person’s content matches your brand’s voice, you need to partner with them and allow them creative freedom.

Client Success Story

We’ve incorporated a robust Twitter strategy in the marketing plan for our client, New Jersey Board of Public Utilities, and to date, we’ve been seeing fantastic results.

Our campaign discusses all of the clean energy updates the state is making, including programs and rebates offered to incentivize residents to join in the clean energy future. Our tweets focused on electric vehicles were some of the best performing ads due to a lot of discussion on the platform around EVs, which have their own enthusiast community! We also capitalized on the great performance by shifting budget from tactics that were not driving as much traffic or inquiry into Twitter – which garnered an impressive 10% CTR at times.

Ready to Uplevel Your Social Marketing?

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