the gold standard for data-driven marketing and analytics

We take campaigns from inception to launch, from possible to significant.

Transforming data to knowledge, we forge a bold path, using tools that bring our clients’ historical knowledge and today’s insights to life.

Our success is based in creating new frontiers that give way to great brand triumphs.


We’ve transformed the way data is used to drive omnichannel marketing. Tracking information performance right down to the minute, we are granular in our approach. Obsessed? Maybe, but our constant curiosity keeps us one step ahead, and ready for the future.


We are committed to growing your business, and we seek to partner with you, while taking you to great heights. Our team of subject matter experts is armed with data and ready to tell the story of your future.

What’s In Orbit

Our passion and focus is to grow brands that are looking to achieve category dominance. As thought leaders, we are driven by curiosity and have ample historical data to deliver on each conquest.

Monica C. Smith

Chief Executive Officer, Founder

Carina Pologruto

Chief Data Officer

Desiree Maurin

Executive Vice President, Client Success

Samantha Foy

Executive Vice President, Strategy

David Milillo

Vice President, Data and Development

our team of astronauts

Our diverse crew of talented minds and seasoned professionals work together toward a common goal. Passion, purpose, and performance are the pillars of our work. If growth is what you’re after, we’ll take you there.

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