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A full-service advertising agency steeped in analytics for omni-channel media placement and renowned for hyper-local media excellence is uncommon. One founded by a woman, and women-owned and led is even more rare. Marketsmith, Inc., is all that, plus an agency that created, developed and launched a proven, award-winning media analytics, visualization and media mix modeling platform called i.Predictus. Our story shows how a successful, woman-owned full-service agency can be created, the obstacles that were overcome to do that and the relentless drive to not only succeed for our brand, but more importantly for your brand and the brands you serve.


Starting at out in a spare bedroom in her first home in New Jersey at the age of 30 with a vision and the will to make it happen, our founder quickly built a company that out grew one location after another. She did so by providing her clients the essential tools they needed for success, from database marketing and analytics services to overcome direct marketing and circulation challenges, to integrating emails, introducing media such as direct response or a hybrid of brand and direct response and even mixed media lengths like long and short form television. As she grew and stayed ahead of the technology curve, she embraced digital marketing and analytics long before her competition.

Marketsmith was founded in 1999 just as the dot bomb’s first bubbles began to burst. We started as a marketing solution for manufacturers and retailers who were searching for a deeper one-to-one relationship with their consumers, to understand how best to communicate to them and at the right time to do so.  Using breakthrough database marketing and cutting edge direct-marketing services, Marketsmith exploded onto the scene with customized go-to-market strategies for manufacturers that created successful, profitable and intuitive relationships with their consumers at the right cost, at the right time and with the right message.

The key to our success and how we overcome the pitfalls that prevent many agency owners from scaling up is that we never stop learning. We believe that it is up to us to create the tools we need to be the best for our clients and to ensure they are able to compete and win. We work long hours with people who share our goals. Importantly, we never just do anything for the money, but rather for the belief that we are part of something bigger.

We love the challengers, we love the dreamers, we love the new products that disrupt the market and we love those folks that truly believe their product is going to make a difference.

Through the years, Marketsmith has never rested. We are constantly innovating, improving our metrics, the way we visualize data and the application of data as an added value to our clients. The continued use of data science, multi-touch attribution, real-time visualizations and the unbelievable amounts of data we ingest, consume and organize daily ensures we are the very best independent agency of its kind. We are global thinkers and players who embrace our client’s business, challenges and market conditions to ensure we are both continually improving.

Today, almost twenty years later, Marketsmith is one of the most recognized and accomplished full-service agency’s driven by data and analytics that works with a breadth of client categories including government agencies, utilities, lotteries, DIY brands, manufacturers, health and home brands, appliances and specialty retailers. As a women-owned and led business we don’t count our accomplishments just by great work we do for our clients, but also the good work we do for communities. We believe that those of us that have found success owe it to the world to give back. It is that simple.

We have earned long-standing client relationships and put a significant finger print on brands such as Tumi, NJ Lottery, Shark Vacuums, Ninja Blenders, PSEG, MoMA, and many others.

We are a proud company of data scientists, artists, content creators, communicators and researchers that come together in harmony to bring about extraordinary outcomes in a transparent and efficient practice.

Built and based in New Jersey

When you work for Marketsmith, Inc. you work for some of the largest global companies in the world, or those inspired to become global. As a woman-owned full-service media and marketing agency, it comes naturally to care deeply for our clients, their goals and to deliver their desired outcomes. But when you work at Marketsmith, Inc., you care about something else as well. You care about the state in which we do business; New Jersey.

In fact, “think globally and act locally” has been the mantra of our founder since she was in high school in South Orange, New Jersey.

Because we live and work here, it is the DNA of the organization and its employees to ensure we give back as often as we can. We’re often asked “why”? The reason is simple—we believe that our state is precious, special and unique. As are its citizens. Many of our neighbors are in need. It is important to us that we help them, especially children trapped in poverty. We work to break the chains that hold these underserved kids back from a brighter future.

One way we do that is through a 501C3 we created called Bring Dinner Home. Bring Dinner Home’s mission is to end childhood hunger for. The organization also sponsors schools and children’s programs with supplies often taken for granted by others. In addition to supplying meals, we also donate coats, gloves, diapers, aftercare tutoring, safe spaces, and technical supplies through Bring Dinner Home.

Through this year-round program and our employees dedicating at least 15% of their time to helping those in need, we’re making a difference in NJ.


  • Monica C. Smith
    Monica C. Smith
    CEO & Founder

    Our Founder and CEO is truly one of kind. She built Marketsmith, Inc. to be one of the largest women-owned and operated independent media and marketing agencies in the country. She is considered one of the strongest active CEO’s in media today—especially in omni-channel media strategy that drives retail success.

    Monica has numerous client successes in her tenure as leader of Marketsmith. She was able to transform Tumi from a single-product customer focus to a powerhouse multi-category specialty retailer. She took a product called Shark Steam mop from a troubled retailer to a company with $1.6 billion in sales from dozens of products. Monica also conceived of, developed and built iPredictus, a data visualizing software that aggregates media and customer data, provides actionable insights and predicts sales results with 93% accuracy.

    That is only to name a few.

    Aside from her ability to build, sustain and evolve brands, she leads with charity in her heart, and rigor and vision every day. Monica is driven, dedicated to her clients, her causes and her team. She is relentlessly in the trenches looking for ways to improve the model, the economy and the future.

    Monica also believes giving back should be a daily practice, that diversity everywhere should be the norm and that every child deserves the best education. Her greatest ability lies in her deep desire to compete and win, bur her most noble trait is that she believes that winning can be for all. She inspires her team daily to find their best inner-selves, to take risks and to always be kind.

    Today, she resides in Chester with her wife Amy of 20+ years and their six adopted children. Lastly, where she loves to be more than anywhere is in front of a crowd speaking on how we can better our world or in front of her team innovating for the future.

    Please reach out to her…you will get a response.


  • Rob Bochicchio
    Rob Bochicchio
    EVP Media Innovation & Analytics
  • Carina Pologruto
    Carina Pologruto
    EVP, Strategy & Innovation
  • Jon Renner
    Jon Renner
    EVP Creative Services
  • Lois Marks
    Lois Marks
    EVP Client Performance
  • Nasir Michael
    Nasir Michael
    EVP Finance & Operations
  • Gina Callan
    Gina Callan
    SVP Media Director
  • Luis Hernandez
    Luis Hernandez
    SVP, Digital Strategist
  • Larry Durst
    Larry Durst
    SVP Executive Creative Director
  • Davey Rosenbaum
    Davey Rosenbaum
    SVP Research
  • Michael Waksbaum
    Michael Waksbaum
    SVP Planning
  • Kathy Saccente
    Kathy Saccente
    Human Resources
  • Anne Picone
    Anne Picone
    General Manager
  • Ayanna Thompson
    Ayanna Thompson
    Employee Action Committee President


  • Inc Magazine's #1 Female-led Organization in NY Metro Are / #5 Female-Led Company Nationwide / #18 Agency Nationwide
  • Patent Holder - Value of Airing
  • Patent Holder - Real-TIme Value of an Airing
  • Patent Holder - Real-TIme Attribution for Web Activity
  • 's Jefferson Award for Public Service
  • NJBIZ - Best Places to Work in NJ - 2017
  • NJ Ad Club - 2016 Advertising Hall of Fame Inductee
  • Tri-State Diversity Council
  • Insight Success - The 30 Most Influential Women in Business - 2016
  • The Silicon Review - 50 Best Work Places of the Year 2016
  • EY Entrepreneur Of The Year - 2014 Finalist
  • Shirley Chisholm - Award for Entreprepenteurship - 2014
  • Crains Fast 50 - 2014_2015
  • smartCEO Future 50 2014 _ Future 50 2015 _ Corporate Culture Award 2015
  • 's Brava Awards - Honoring Top Female CEOs
  • NJBIZ 2014 Business of the Year _ 2015 _ 2016 _ 2017 Top 100 _ Most Powerful People in NJ
  • 40 under 40 2014 / 2015
  • Forty Under 40 Award
  • CitrinCooperman - Driving Your Business Leadership Excellence Award
  • Leading Women Entrepreneurs and Business Owners
  • Silver Anvil Awards
  • The Telly Awards
  • The Jersey Awards
  • Travel Weekly - Magellan Award
  • 2014 Silver Stevie Winner for Women in Business
  • 2014 Bronze Stevie Winner for Women in Business


  • WBENC certified
  • WBENC WOSB certified
  • LGBTBE certified
  • LGBT Business Enterprise
  • New Jersey
    WBE certified
  • New York
    MWBE certified
  • The Port Authority of NY & NJ certified
    Woman-owned Business Enterprise
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