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This week, the Elf on the Shelf ditches the sleigh for a set of German-engineered wheels. Grab a seat and strap-in for a tour of one of the world’s oldest and most recognizable automotive brands. This is “BMW: Brand of the Week.” Founded in Munich, Germany in 1916 and currently the leading brand in the […]



The US budget for digital advertising is estimated to reach $42.5 billion this year, but even as marketers ramp up spending, a majority still struggle to prove an ROI for online display advertising campaigns. From hypertargeting to marketing automation, there’s no shortage of technology-driven tactics to help marketers drive lead generation. One of the most […]



Consumer reviews and testimonials are not only relied on by customers seeking the best product for their needs, but are also looked to by marketers as sources of critical feedback. The consumer-marketer relationship is anything but a one-way street, and the NY Attorney General has made it clear that any attempts to turn it into […]



Currently, numbers regarding facebook’s IPO are being thrown around, interpreted and disputed, but they all mean only one thing: Facebook is a success story. Facebook’s success lies in its ability to leverage business and keep its free social networking platform alive.



Social Networking MarketingTwitter is flexing its muscles. In the Kantar Media Compete recent quarterly study of online shopping habits, respondents indicated Twitter had a stronger impact on influencing online purchases than Facebook did.



Nordstrom sent out a clear message to its host of competitors. Entering the fray with a route that is smart and costly all at the same time,



On Tuesday, Netflix announced that they were changing the pricing structure to split Streaming and Mailed DVDs into two different plans. If subscribers wish to have both plans, prices will increase by over 60%.



Two companies, which have not previously marketed directly to consumers have chosen Marketsmith to create and execute strategies that reach customers directly. Paper House Productions, a supplier of stationery and scrapbooking merchandise, is looking to expand its online reach to include individuals as well as retailers. Marketsmith was engaged to create and implement an online […]



Express, a men’s and women’s apparel retailer, has recently launched an ecommerce tab on its Facebook page, allowing consumers to make purchases without leaving the site. Consumers also have the option to post or “share” their transaction on their profile.



American Airlines British Airways Southwest FacebookThe success of Southwest Airline’s ecommerce strategies on Facebook have begun to pave a new trend in the industry with American Airlines and British Airways boarding the ship.

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