Research and creative are far closer friends than most people believe. Dial Testing is one of the surefire ways to determine your Direct Response infomercial or short form’s effectiveness in speaking to your target and generating a response. They say “there’s someone for everyone” and when it comes to analyzing creative viewership and content performance, dial testing is a perfect match for any brand.

A Dial Test measures overall real-time viewer reaction to creative in terms of engagement, product/offer value propositions communication, purchase interest, and reaction to creative elements. Results of the dial test are used to revise and fine tune creative presentation, hone value messaging and gain a deeper understanding of the factors, which motivate purchase.

The testing can be conducted either by in-person focus groups or online. The online surveys provide a quantitative response to the creative while the focus groups allow for drilling down into viewer attitudes, reactions and responses. Both methodologies measure the second by second interaction with the creative to identify positive and negative elements. Both methods include detailed questionnaires among participants, which generate purchase interest, product perception, and importance of feature set, price elasticity, and other relevant measurements.

Either approach is highly effective for testing concepts and storyboards before going into production, rough cuts, and even finished infomercials.

Marketsmith, Inc. highly recommends testing before the final cut of a show as a cost effective way to identify potential changes before paying for airtime for a creative that delivers suboptimal results.

Dial testing allows you to analyze what different groups think of your content and why; while in the process, identifying how you can optimize it to engage your target audience. Once established, Marketsmith can then deliver actionable recommendations based on the analysis to develop the most impactful Long Form or Short Form spots.