Brand of the Week: BMW

This week, the Elf on the Shelf ditches the sleigh for a set of German-engineered wheels. Grab a seat and strap-in for a tour of one of the world’s oldest and most recognizable automotive brands. More >


Top 7 Content Strategy Tips for Digital Marketers

The rise of social media and online publishing has made content the preferred currency of trade. Big Data provides the intelligence behind personalized targeting, but precision is moot if the customer experience doesn’t deliver. Developing More >


4Q Predictions – Government Shutdown and other Market Indicators

Entering the 4th quarter, we see the presence of several soft indicators and recognize the growing uncertainty of the economic forecast. As we prepare our clients for the holiday season, we continue to forecast conservatively. More >


Retail Crowdsourcing Solutions

Walmart announced today that it will be creating 35,000 full-time jobs for current members of its part-time workforce, another 35,000 of its temporary employees will be shifted to part-time, and 55,000 new hires will be More >


Androids vs iPhone – Mobile Marketing and the New iPhone 5S

Androids vs iPhone – Mobile Marketing Google’s Android mobile operating system has led the smartphone market share for over a year, but new research on mobile e-commerce transactions shows more mobile shoppers on iOS. When More >


The Humana Playbook

Insurance may not be a buzz word in the DRTV arena, but Humana's long-time presence and success begs the question - Why not?


A Thin Line – But a Venue that Works

The Huffington Post featured an article alerting consumers that some products promoted on Morning Talk Shows are actually paid endorsements. Product placement is a critical component to success, but there is a thin line to the “creep factor.”


Black Friday – Online vs. Offline Stores

As the holiday season approaches, offline and online stores alike are preparing their special holiday savings sales for days like Black Friday in hopes to bring in more customers.


Marketsmith Talks “The Talk”

Marketsmith talks the talk for our clients. As part of integrating marketing initiatives across media, Marketsmith added product placements to the marketing mix. Shark’s Navigator LiftAway was featured on yesterday's episode of “The Talk”.


Marketsmith helps Major Museum and Publication grow Online Sales

Marketsmith has been engaged to help the magazine for the one of the largest museums in the US to increase its online reach through growing its email file. With weekly updates and feeds, the organization More >