Chanel Scores With Direct Mail

Chanel In-Store Direct MailerChanel’s in-store driver for Spring – LOVE IT. It’s so smart and fun. When you open it there’s a simulated shopping bag inside with six 5 1/2 X 8 black and white postcards for the launch of the Chanel Mademoiselle line.


Brands Need to Plan a Survival Strategy

Marketsmith Retail MarketingJapan’s recent disaster is more than a regional super-crisis; It’s an international crisis. Japan’s woes have created a tri-fold problem for the US economy.


Anthropologie Spring – Bold and Worth the View

Anthropologie Catalog CoverLike a fine glass of wine this book needs to be savored. They took a risk, no doubt, but I think they made a great choice.


Starbucks and the Future of Mobile Marketing and CRM

I carry my phone everywhere; it does everything for me. Not only do I always have Facebook, email, text messages, and standard phone service to keep in touch and up to speed, I use shopping More >


Marketsmith wins Retail Driving Strategic Partnership for La Perla with Veuve Clicquot

Morristown, NJ – Marketsmith has been selected to develop and execute an exciting event and partnership for a holiday promotion for La Perla, a manufacturer and retailer of women’s luxury intimate apparel. We have created More >


The Verizon Store Gets Retail CRM

There’s always been a huge obstacle to effective CRM at the retail level. Traditionally, a sales person hasn’t been able to fully tap into a customer’s shopping history and preferences while assisting the customer in-person. More >


Redefining CRM: Luxury Brands Take Note

This article, “Luxury brands approaching revolutionary CRM innovations: expert” by Peter Finocchiaro, points out that database analysis and customer service access to that data will bring a new level of individualized CRM to luxury marketers. More >


Global Luxury Gift Retailer selects Marketsmith’s Database solution and Marketing Services

A niche luxury retailer looking to expand its multichannel marketing efforts has employed Marketsmith to build a marketing database and provide ongoing marketing and database services. “Our marketing database solution is designed specifically to meet More >


High-end Children’s Apparel Company Relies on Marketsmith

HIGH-END CHILDREN’S APPAREL COMPANY RELIES ON MARKETSMITH Retailer/mailer of high-end children’s clothing has selected Marketsmith to review its circulation plans and recommend acquisition strategies to grow its exclusive market. “Once again,” commented Monica C. Smith, More >

Letters From Monica C Smith

A Letter From Monica C Smith

Happy Summer! In this issue I take another leap into the world of diagnosing the realities of our industry, how it affects your business, and then a road map to success. The last newsletter received More >