Do Facebook Deals Have the Potential to Crush the Competition?

Marketsmith CEO and President, Monica C. Smith, has always been a fan of Jay Samit, CEO of SocialVibe, and his writing. Recently she shared an article of his she loved


Will Social Media Replace Surveys as a Marketing Tool?

Marketsmith Database AnalyticsAdvertising Age’s article asks, "Will Social Media Replace Surveys as a Marketing Tool?" My opinion is no. There is a vast difference between the knowledge that can be gained from both mediums.


Near Field Communication and Smart Phones Promise Exciting Analytics

Marketsmith MobileGoogle, a company known to branch out far outside its search engine base, has announced plans to incorporate Near Field Communication (NFC) into New York City and San Francisco cash registers. This will allow for these registers to receive cell phone signals and, in effect, allow a cell phone to be used to pay for the customer’s order rather than cash or card.


California expands Scope of Personally Identifiable Information to include ZIP Codes

The California Credit Card Act prohibits the collection of personal identification information (PII) from a customer/potential customer prior to completion of a credit card transaction for retail sales. Retail sales are considered those that take More >


It Just Might Be a Girl’s Life After All

Title Nine Bounce CatalogLately, I've been particularly struck by how Brands/companies are marketing to women. I've observed a celebration of being female (Nike), good intentions falling into the stereotype trap (Bounce) and not recognizing that women comprise a multifaceted buying group (NFL, as we commented last week).


Marketsmith Congratulates CVS

CVS LorielSkin MailerCVS gets the star of the week for its spot on cooperative mailer last week. The mail piece was Branded exclusively for LorealSkin - rich black, 4-color, 8x14 folded and tabbed, with a coupon inside. It looks great.

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Transparency is the Best Policy

What makes a Brand successful? Product that customers want at a price customers are willing to pay is price of admission. But how can you stand out above the crowd and show customers that you More >


Starbucks and the Future of Mobile Marketing and CRM

I carry my phone everywhere; it does everything for me. Not only do I always have Facebook, email, text messages, and standard phone service to keep in touch and up to speed, I use shopping More >


Marketsmith Signs Two More Databases

Marketsmith Signs Two More Databases Two more companies have just selected Marketsmith to provide their database solutions. A high-end children’s apparel specialty retailer is expanding its direct to consumer activities. The database will provide a More >


Monica C. Smith offers tips for 360 degree customer view in DMNews

Monica C. Smith offers tips for 360 degree customer view in DMNews With high investment costs and not-so-simple database integration strategies, it can be tough for retailers get started in multichannel marketing. Four experts share More >